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April 25, 2019

POP UP Mentoring: Exploring the Gestures of Stillness and Movement in CST

There is no right way to be and therefore no wrong. Simply being with the various states of stillness and movement within and around us allows a vast array of processes to find equilibrium.


Come and spend time with fellow Cranio-Sacral therapists exploring your style and unique attributes. Are you feeling alone or isolated in your work? Would you like an opportunity to ask questions without fear of being judged? Or would you simply like to come together with your peers to explore, enjoy and deepen into the work.


January 29, 2016

Pop-Up CST.

For anyone in the mood for a last minute pop up event, Melanie is offering a few hours to come together to explore and share the joys of CST. Timed at the start of the year this is an opportunity to consider where you are, in yourself and in your practice, as you move along the flow that carries you.

POP UP Events are a fun, friendly opportunity to explore the work we do in a safe and non-judgemental setting. Come together with your colleagues to question, share, discover and reveal how we each experience this rich and sometimes elusive work as individuals, within and beyond the accepted wisdom we begin with. Affirm your own style and flavour. Share your insights, inform your skill set and open further to the possibilities this work can bring.
There will be time for discussion, practical work, reflection and tea and biscuits.

June 16, 2016

Self and Health.

Although mainstream healthcare is finally starting to acknowledge there is a connection between ourselves and our well being, as holistic practitioners we are already in a unique position where we are working tangibly with this reality.

This one day workshop offers a space to deepen in to how we meet and foster this connection, not just of mind and body but of our inner self and the outer life we live. Through the healing journey, it is our deeper self that wishes to be known so it can guide us towards health, well being and the happiness that comes from aligning deeply with your purpose.

We will look at how symptoms can be understood and translated through the use of intuition and enquiry. In addition to hands on sessions there will be an opportunity to engage with and gain a more profound understanding of the many ways the inner Self calls to be known. This will be both directly through the body and indirectly through exploring life experiences and their impact on our well being. Your own insights and approaches are valued and invited.


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