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We are all experienced craniosacral therapists and teachers. We draw on a diversity of backgrounds from the arts to the sciences, from martial arts to psychotherapy... to name a few.
We are passionate about our work and our aim is to promote personal development and professional growth in craniosacral therapy and related skills through an openhearted approach that reaches out to as many as possible.
We recognise the need for safety and are committed to the process that arises in ourselves as well as in our clients and in group work, and value supervision and reflective practice as part of this.
We want to assist practitioners in their search for expertise and experience, exploring in small groups different theoretical and practical ways of accessing health.
We recognise that craniosacral therapy is a wide and rich field, with many facets and potentials that are continuing to evolve. We hope to expand horizons, working with what we have in common as well as our differences, realising that the benefits of new learning can be boundless.
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