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Monica Anthony



Looking back on my choices of trainings in Psychotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Healing, it has become clear to me that they grew out of my immersion in music from a young age, a persistent curiosity about the inner workings of life and an interest in people and the natural world around me.


Increasingly aware of the existence of subtle energies, I went on to study oboe and compositional the Royal Academy of Music, London, and in Germany and then worked for several years as a freelance orchestral player and teacher. During that time, I developed further my engagement with the relationship between mind, body and our own connection with something more than our everyday consciousness, finding a language for that sense particularly after key encounters with esoteric teachings, Transpersonal Psychology and Craniosacral Work in themid-1970s.


Significant teachers have been Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers (Transpersonal Psychology) and Lily Cornford (Colour Healing and a particularly profound and subtle form of Hypnotherapy). Other important influences are the Tao Te Ching (see quote below), Andrew Taylor Still, and Hugh Milne ('The Heart of Listening').


So, having been consistently drawn by the transformational power of healing as a way of looking at the world, I offer through my work an opportunity to explore (self-) healing as a perspective and as a way of being.


Using imaging, creative visualization, reflection, meditation, subtle body work, storytelling and discussion as rewarding ways of developing our innate intuitive connection with the healing process, I am particularly interested in the creative experience as a path to our own inner wisdom.


With my background as a musician, I have found that the concepts of vibration, resonance, harmonics, space and silence inherent in music have led me to a greater understanding of the vibration and resonance of the different aspects of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and of their relationship to each other as a whole, in a coherent and grounded way.


I live near Canada Water, South East London, and have two grown-up children and three grandchildren. One of my pastimes is creating Japanese-style gardens.

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