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Elissa Dell


Sometimes what appears to be a meandering path takes us to the place we have always meant to be.


From university to art college with numerous jobs supporting my life as a painter I found myself in a class on Cranio sacral therapy realizing that this was going to be big. That was 1991, and since then my life has centered around this modality of healing.  CST has evolved hugely during this time and continues to at a pace; I love being both part of the community and around those who are taking it further, as a practitioner, student, and teacher. In recent years I have been creating postgraduate courses under the broad heading of Phenogenesis: The Process of Becoming Visible.

This is for me a spiritual practice that enables a deep embodied presence.

I trained with Thomas Attlee and spent many years teaching at the college of Craniosacral therapy, later studying with and assisting Hugh Milne in his Visionary Craniosacral Work.

Elissa Dell

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