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Melanie Langer


Looking back, it seems I was called to this path from an early age. As a child I was always pulled towards connecting through touch and the need for a subtler presence and knowing. I see now how the practices I have chosen, really chose me.

After training in massage therapy in 1986, my first work in complementary medicine was with the pioneering aromatherapist and energy worker, Micheline Arcier, with whom I studied in 1989 and for whom I taught for 20 years. I soon went on to train in a variety of practices including reflexology, body-mind bodywork and integrative & humanistic counselling.

In 1999, I qualified with Thomas Attlee at the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London and went on to assist him on training courses in London and across Europe, becoming a senior tutor and post graduate teacher with the College until 2008 when I left to start a family.

Particular influences in my post graduate journey are Franklyn Sills, Maura Sills, Georgia Milne and Matthew Appleton; with a focus on stillness, shock & trauma, birth & babies and biodynamic approaches to cranio-sacral work. I have also had the privilege of experiencing the teachings of many others in varying degrees such as Ray Castellino, Michael Shea and John Upledger. My best teachers of all are my twin sons of 11 with whom I study the art of patience and acceptance and our dog, Georgie, who just is.

A profound passion for understanding and honouring the deeper stories and meanings that lie in unhappiness and illness draws me through every moment of this incredible work. I love how it brings us to the stillness within where all is possible and health is ever present.

In 2005 I received a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science from Kings College London. I am interested in maintaining a healthy perspective that includes both mainstream and alternative views to health and healing. Whilst my approach is one where I believe true health is achieved by taking an integrated view of the whole person, it is the inner physician and the innate intelligence within - which science is only beginning to describe - that really guides my work.

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